I’m a huge fan of podcasts, and love listening to them while walking around town or walking the dogs.  As a longtime local television news reporter, being able to talk about a subject for longer than twelve seconds is absolutely liberating.  So a chance to talk to coaches about their work, and about how coaching might help journalists who could use some guidance in these bizarre, disturbing days, seemed like a no-brainer.

I hope you’ll sign up on iTunes and throw me in your iPod.  And if you have guests in mind who’d help all of us think our way through these rough waters, send them my way in comments below, or email me. (And you know I also love engaging on Twitter!)


In our first podcast, I talk with coach and author Elle Allison, whose book, Renewal Coaching, may be a good read for journalists wondering where there careers should go in the next few years. She and her co-author Doug Reeves talk about coaching as a gateway to figuring out not just the next best career move, but rather, the thing that will make positive change in your life and the world–the greater good. A lot of journalists, myself included, walked away from the daily news grind thinking a lot about what would make me happy, not just what kind of job I could find.

Elle Allison helps people answer questions like that.