About CoachReporter

IMG_0470Mark Joyella is the “CoachReporter,” the Community Supported Journalist at the nonprofit Coaching Commons, covering the field of coaching worldwide.

An Emmy-winning broadcast journalist, Mark’s worked at television stations from Grand Junction, Colorado to New York City, and covered stories around the world.  He’s also written for the New York Post, and got his biggest exposure as a news anchor not on a big story, but in a cameo on FOX’s “24,” when Mark appeared as a grim Fox News Channel anchor reciting the death toll after a nuclear blast in California.

Since leaving daily television news, Mark has blogged about the business at LocalNewser, coached journalists and others on media skills, and with his wife, Tiffanie, begun a wine and travel website, Vinitrek.  In New York, Mark can be seen weekly on Toni Senecal’s WPIX show Toni On! New York, where Mark’s investigated a troll museum and learned how to eat fire at a Coney Island freak show.

Mark and Tiffanie live in Brooklyn with three dogs, a cat, and a strong desire for more space.


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